Dárkové poukazy můžete zakoupit u nás na recepci

Vstup do saunového světa

90 min. + 15 min.

Vstup do saunového světa


Vstup do privátního wellness pro 2 osoby

90 min.

*nutná rezervace předem

Noční vstup do privátního wellness pro 2 osoby

po celou noc

*nutná rezervace předem

Zen Wellness

Relaxation paradise

Treat yourself and your body with well-deserved needs such as relaxation, restoration, and rejuvenation in our sauna center. The interior of the sauna center is adorned with living moss, which creates a unique and peaceful atmosphere. On the ground floor there are several sauna units (Finish, herbal, and infrared). Moreover, you can find there steam room, cooling pool, and relax zone as well. For couples who wish to enjoy some privacy during their stay, the sauna center offers a private wellness. In addition, in the upper level of the centre is a bar, where guests can freshen themselves up by enjoying our authentic Japanese tea or fresh juices.